BruinLabs is a product and business plan development summer program wherein participants will design their own project and work on a business plan with their teams, while also engaging in a series of specialized workshops and panels on product development. Each group will consist of 3-5 college students supported by a Project Manager who will help the participants and act as the team’s guide throughout the 8-week entrepreneurial process. The program begins June 21st and will conclude on August 14th with a demo day.


Weeks 1-2: Ideation Process
Weeks 3-4: Market & Customer Research
Weeks 5-6: Minimum Viable Product Development
Weeks 7-8: Slide Building & Demo Day

Our Team.

Director (BE)

Elena Alimin
Business Economics '24

Director (BE)

Joyce Mok
Cognitive Science '23

Director (BE)

Ray Huang
Computer Science and Engineering '23