BruinLabs is a product and business plan development program put on by UCLA's premier student organizations. Bruin Entrepreneurs, ACM, and DevX have created this curated program as an introduction to the fields of entrepreneurship, technology, and business. Over the summer, participants will design their own project and work on a business plan with their teams, while also engaging in a series of specialized workshops designed to teach them the skills to develop their product.  Each group will consist of 3-5 college students supported by a Project Manager who will help the participants throughout the 8-week program. The program begins June 22nd and will conclude on August 15th with a demo day.


Week 1-2: Team Building & Ideation
Week 3-4: Market & Customer Research
Week 4-7: MVP Development
Week 8: Slide Building & Demo Day

Our Team.

Director (BE)

Riley Noon
Economics '23

Director (BE)

Monica Bellare
Computer Science '22

Design (BE)

Sela Serafin
Undeclared '23

Advisor (BE)

Cody Swain
Computer Science and Engineering  '21

Advisor (ACM)

Sharvani Jha
Computer Science '21

Advisor (DevX)

Hirday Gupta
Computer Science and Engineering '21

Advisor (ACM)

William Chern
Computer Science '22